Body Shops


is a directory for body shops and the collision repair industry. The difference this directory offers from other directories is that only lists one shop in each city. Of course, this site only list body shops, but we have another directory that’s more expansive. is a directory for all repair businesses, from alterations to windshields.  We still only list one business in each city, but in this case, each city will have several repair business listed. If someone is looking for upholstery repair in Chicago, they will see the shoe repair guy listed there, as well as the A/C repair business. It’s simple, but that’s what usually works best anyway, right?

Here’s who this program has been structured for, and will benefit the most.
It’s the body shop that doesn’t have a website. Yes, there are many out there that don’t have that core information source that every business needs. We have a solution that’s not only effective, but inexpensive.
You can give us all your information and create your own listing very easily by going to